Externship Day

The Wheaton College Externship Day provides opportunities for current students to job shadow Chicagoland alumni for the purpose of career exploration. During this one-day opportunity, students spend time observing and often working alongside their alumni hosts to gain insight into the practical aspects of potential careers. We invite you to participate!

Registration for Externship Day on Tuesday, February 6, 2018, is now open. Register now!

Highlights from Externship Day 2017

Students and alumni at their Externship Day event in Naperville, IL

One hundred forty-nine students attended Externship Day 2017, learning from alumni across Chicagoland in more than 60 different locations.

Here's what participants had to say:


“This was a fantastic opportunity, and I am seriously considering applying to work at my host site after graduation. Externship Day was a fantastic learning experience, and I would definitely participate next year if I weren't graduating already."
–Gunnar, Class of 2017

“Whether a person has a heart for inner city kids like me or doesn't like [my friend], every person had a lot of faith and wisdom from years of trusting in God deeply. [My friend] and I both left feeling extremely refreshed and motivated."
–Maddy, Class of 2018

"It helped me narrow down what I wanted to do in the medical field; even though I knew what I want to do and "had a plan," it was really informative and helped me view the world I would like to enter in a completely different way."
–Sarah, Class of 2020

"Even if your end result is discovering what you DON'T like about a certain career field, I'd recommend this experience for everyone!"
–Sophie, Class of 2020

"I am consistently impressed at the quality of persons that are Wheaton undergraduates... Each of the students I get to know makes me more grateful to God for allowing me to attend such a solidly Christ focused institution as is Wheaton College."
–Externship Host

"It was great to interact with students at the beginning of the process of choosing a career, especially when they’re interested in doing what I do!”
–Externship Host



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