WeGive 2014


What is the Senior Class Gift?

Dating back to 1876, the senior class gift is one of Wheaton’s longest-standing traditions. It is our opportunity to say “thank you” to Wheaton and show support of its mission by making a contribution as a class to the College.

This year, our class is directing 75% of our gift to the Classes of 2014 and 1984 Teleo Scholarship and 25% to the Wheaton Fund.

Why the Classes of 2014 and 1984 Teleo Scholarship (75%)?

“As seniors, we have been blessed by the Wheaton community. The connections we have been able to make both in and out of the classroom are ones that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. However, many of us know someone who was faced with the reality of financial loss and unable to return. For an upperclassman, this is particularly tragic because of the relationships that have been formed and strengthened and then cut short. This year’s scholarship is designed to offer financial assistance to seniors who would otherwise have to leave Wheaton College. We are excited about the opportunity to come together as a class and give in order to enhance a future student’s Wheaton experience.” Tessa Larsen, Senior Class President and Drew Cochrum, Senior Class Vice President

The Classes of 2014 and 1984 Teleo Scholarship is a scholarship between our class and the Class of 1984 in honor of their 30th reunion and aligns with Wheaton College’s desire to provide scholarships to students in need. In the original Greek of the New Testament, Teleo means to finish, complete, fulfill—something that we hope to help students accomplish in their Wheaton education.

Why the Wheaton Fund (25%)?

The Wheaton Fund helped provide about one-third of the actual cost of your Wheaton education. With adequate support from alumni like us, it will continue to do so for future Wheaton students. Our class gift to the Wheaton Fund sets the precedent for our future giving.



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