Travel Program

7 Years | 7 Continents

This is your chance!  Over the next seven years, Wheaton will host alumni, parents, and friends on tours of all seven continents. Join us!

What makes travel with Wheaton so one-of-a-kind?

  • Custom itineraries uniquely arranged by members of Wheaton’s faculty and alumni staff.
  • Personal, genuine interest in every passenger on the tour.
  • Fascinating cultural and historical insights with regional experts and local guides.
  • Daily reflections from God's Word.
  • First-class accommodations.
  • Unforgettable camaraderie with like-minded travelers and friends of Wheaton.

What's the next stop on the journey?* 

2017 – North America
2018 – Africa
2019 – Asia
2020 – South America
2021 – Antarctica

*We will keep this site posted with the latest as the chronology of continents is tentative and subject to change.


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