Distinguished Service to Alma Mater

The Distinguished Service to Alma Mater Award has been presented annually since the mid-1950s to alumni who demonstrate excellence through service to campus life, to students, and to the College as a whole. Faculty receiving this award must also have achieved excellence in their field of study.

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Year Award Recipient Occupation/Avocation
2016 Harold "Mac" Airhart Construction/Real Estate
2015 Dr. Bruce Howard ’74 Carl R. Hendrickson Professor of Business
2014 Dr. Sharon Coolidge ’72 Professor of English
2013 David Teune ’74 Director of Gift Planning Services
2012 Dr. Jillian Nerhus Lederhouse ’75 Wheaton College Professor of Education, Department Chair
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Jonathan E. Lederhouse ’74 Wheaton College Head Swimming Coach, Aquatics Director
View award ceremony
2011 Donald L. Meyer ’57 Business Executive;
Wheaton College Trustee
2010 Dr. Mary Hopper ’73 Director, Wheaton College Women's Chorale and Men's Glee Club
2009 Dr. David Johnston ’65
Senior Vice President for Finance
2008 Dr. Dean Arnold ’64 Professor of Anthropology
View biography
2007 Dr. Beatrice Batson, MA ’47 Professor of English View tribute
2006 Marilee Melvin ’72 Vice President for Alumni Relations
View biography
2006 Dr. Roger Lundin ’71 Professor of English View biography
2005 Dr. Walter Kaiser ’55 Wheaton College Trustee View 2009 Commencement Address
2005 Dr. Robert Brabenec ’60 Professor of Math/Computer Science
View biography
2004 Betty Burtness Knoedler ’50 Wheaton College Hostess
2004 Mr. James M. Lane ’52
Arlyne Nelson Lane ’52
Wheaton College Trustee and Hostess
2003 Dr. Walter A. Elwell ’59, MA ’61 Professor of Graduate Theological Studies
2003 Dr. Mark Noll ’68 Professor of History View biography
2001 Dr. Herb Wolf ’50 Professor of Graduate Theological Studies
2000 George "Bud" Williams, MA ’66 Coach, Program Director at Honey Rock Camp View biography

Dr. Ivan J. Fahs ’54

Professor of Sociology View biography
  Mrs. Joyce Evans Fahs ’54 Senior Records Analyst in Registrar's Office
1998 Georgia I. Douglass ’94 Director of Publications
1997 Bill ’60 and Judy Wyngarden ’60 Pollard Wheaton College Trustee and Hostess
1996 Mrs. Ruth James Cording ’33 College Archivist View biography
  Mr. Dennis K. Massaro ’75, MA ’85 Director, Office of Christian Outreach
1995 Dr. Terence H. Perciante ’67
Professor of Math/Computer Science View biography
1994 Dr. Delburt H. Nelson ’36
Wheaton College Trustee
  Dr. John A. Gration MA'52 Professor of Missions View biography
1993 Miss Ivy T. Olson ’39 Librarian
  Mr. Gunther H. "Bud" Knoedler ’51
Businessman, Wheaton College Trustee
1992 Dr. Edwin A. Hollatz, GS '55 Professor of Communications
  Dr. James H. Kraakevik '48
Director, Billy Graham Center View biography
  Robert D. Shuster '73
Director, Billy Graham Center Archives
1991 Mrs. Nancy Ellen Derck Long ’72 & Mr. William C. Long, Jr. ’72 Staff, Honey Rock Camp
1990 Dr. Raymond H. Brand ’50
Professor of Biology
  Mr. David C. Helser ’58 Staff, Constituent Records
1989 Miss Ruth E. Bamford ’50 Associate Dean, Student Development
  Miss Jean Rumbaugh ’49 Staff, Registrar's Office
1988 Miss Gladys C. Christensen ’49 Professor, Conservatory of Music
  Mr. Kenneth T.
Wessner ’47, LL D ’90
Business Executive;
Chairman, Board of Trustees
1987 Dr. Melvin E. Lorentzen ’49 Professor of Communications; Assistant Director, Billy Graham Center
  Mr. Peter R. Willson ’50 Professor of Physical Education
1986 Mr. Donald L. Church ’57
Professor of Physical Education
  Mr. Richard E. Gerig ’49 Director, Public Affairs
1985 Dr. Gerald F. Hawthorne ’51, MA ’54
Professor of Greek
  Miss Eleanor P. Paulson ’47 Professor of Speech
1984 Mr. Reginald Gerig ’42 Conservatory Professor
  Dr. Jack Swartz ’52 Professor of Physical Education
1983 Mr. Henri E. Eckhardt ’40 Planned Giving Officer
  Mr. Robert D. Noles ’40 Planned Giving Officer
1982 Rev. H. LeRoy Patterson ’40 Wheaton College Chaplain
1981 Mrs. Helen Siml De Vette ’41, MA ’49 Professor of Spanish
  Dr. Robert O. De Vette ’41, MA ’49 Professor of Spanish, Director of Admissions
1980 Mr. Howard W. White ’41
College Controller
1979 Dr. Harold A. Fiess ’39 Professor of Chemistry
1978 Dr. Arthur F. Holmes ’50, MA ’52 Professor of Philosophy
1977 Mr. Carter H. Cody ’40 Assistant in Development
  Mr. LeRoy H. Pfund ’49 Coach, Professor of Physical Education; Executive Director, Wheaton College Alumni Association
1976 Dr. Hudson T. Armerding ’41
President of Wheaton College
1975 Mr. David L. Roberts ’41 Director of Development
1974 Dr. Cyril E. Luckman ’37 Professor of Biology
1973 Mrs. Martha Cole Baptista ’45 Assistant Dean of Students
  Dr. Robert C. Baptista, Sr. ’48 Vice President, Academic Affairs
1972 Mr. Edward A. Cording ’33 Director, Public Relations; Director, Music Conservatory
1971 Dr. Evan D. Welsh ’27, DD ’55 Wheaton College Chaplain
1970 Dr. Bernard A. Nelson ’31 Chairman, Chemistry Department
1969 Mrs. Ruth Berg Leedy ’32 Professor of Physical Education
1968 Mr. Harvey C. Chrouser ’34 Director, Physical Education and Athletics
1967 Dr. Donald C. Boardman ’38 Chairman, Geology Department
1966 Dr. Angeline Jane Brandt ’27 Professor of Mathematics, Counselor
1965 Dr. Clarence B. Wyngarden ’32 Wheaton College Physician
1964 Dr. Clarence B. Hale ’28 Chairman, Foreign Language Department
1963 Mr. Charles B. Weaver ’24 Banker, Wheaton College Trustee
1962 Dr. Arthur H. Volle ’38 Professor of Education
1961 Dr. P. Kenneth Gieser ’30 Ophthalmologist, Wheaton College Trustee
1960 Dr. Paul M. Wright ’26 Chairman, Chemistry Department
1959 Mr. Edward A. Coray ’23 Executive Director, Wheaton College Alumni Association
1958 Dr. Russell L. Mixter ’28 Chairman, Biology Department
1957 Mrs. Corinne R. Smith ’34, BME ’37 Dean of Women
1956 Dr. Stanley W. Olson ’34, LLD ’53 Medical School Dean, Wheaton College Trustee
1955 Dr. Edward R. Schell ’22 Dean of the Wheaton College Academy, Emeritus
1954 Mr. Herman A. Fischer, Jr. ’03 Attorney, Chairman, Board of Trustees
1953 Dr. Enock C. Dyrness ’23 Registrar, Vice President of Faculty
  Mrs. Mignon Bollman MacKenzie ’33 Professor of Music
Director of Women's Glee Club

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