Distinguished Service to Society

The Distinguished Service to Society Award has been presented annually since 1953 to alumni who demonstrate the mission of the College through excellence in their field of service—in society, in the marketplace, as a professional, or in some extraordinary leadership role.

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Year Award Recipient Occupation/Avocation
2017 Dr. Nathan O. Hatch '68 President of Wake Forest and nationally recognized academic leader.
2016 Robert ’72 and Patricia Carlson Lane ’72, R.N. ’69 Dedicated to modeling Christ in order to see all peoples on earth be blessed.
2015 Rear Adm. R. Timothy Ziemer ’68, USN (Ret.) Nationally recognized strategist and director of operations in government and nonprofit sectors.
2014 Dr. William Lane Craig ’71 Internationally known Christian philosopher, theologian, and apologist.
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2013 Dr. S. Douglas Birdsall ’75 Leader in field of Christian Missions, Ministry
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2012 Dr. William C. Wood '62 Medical Doctor, internationally recognized surgeon, writer and lecturer in the field of oncology.
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2011 Reverend Colleen Koppert Holby '55 Ministry and Care for At-Risk Kids
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2010 Dr. Wayne "Coach" Gordon '75 Urban Ministry/Community Development
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2009 Greg '62, MA '68 and Sally Coltman Livingstone '62 Missionaries, Recruiters, Missions Team Coach/Trainers
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2008 Akiko Oshiro Minato, MA '60 Professor, Speaker, Author, College President
2007 Dr. Arthur Ammann '58 Medical Doctor, HIV/AIDS Research Pioneer
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2006 Elizabeth Fletcher Isais '46 Journalist, Missionary
2005 Dr. Jack Swanson '49 Coach, Counselor, Principal, Superintendent, Missionary
2004 Dr. Harold Adolph '54
Mrs. Bonnie Jo Adelsman Adolph '55
Missionary, Medical Doctor, Author
Teacher, Administrator, Mother
2003 Ms. Luci Deck Shaw '53 Poet, Essayist, Teacher

Dr. Richard Longenecker '53, MA '56 Theologian, Teacher
2002 Mrs. Lisa Brosious Beamer '91
Mr. Todd Beamer '91 (deceased)
Businesswoman, Wife, Mother
Businessman, Husband, Father

Hon. J. Dennis Hastert '64 U.S. Congressman, Speaker of the House

Dr. Louis L. Carter, Jr. '61 Missionary, Surgeon, Teacher
2001 Miss Ada Lum '50, MA '52 Missionary, Teacher

Rev. Burton Smith '51
Audrey Erickson Smith '51
Missionaries, Ministry to the Poor
2000 Dr. Taylor MacKenzie '54 Navajo Indian Leader, Medical Doctor
1999 Miss Jane McNally '39, MA '44 Missionary, Writer

Senator Dan Coats '65
Marcia Crawford Coats '66
U.S. Congressman, Counselor
1998 Dr. John W. Nelson '63
Anita Johnsen Nelson BA '64

Charles Hogren '58 Lawyer, Advocate for the Poor
1997 Mr. Ted W.Ward '51
Mrs. Margaret Hockett Ward '52
1996 Dr. Howard Hendricks '46 Educator, Theologian

Dr. Burwell "Pat" M. Kennedy '48 Missionary
1995 Rev. George Kelsey '52, MA '55
Mrs. Martha Nystedt Kelsey '55
Linguists, Missionaries

Dr. Robert P. Evans '39
Mrs. Jeanette Gruner Evans '40
1994 Miss Virginia A. Deter '46 Missionary

Rev. Dr. Bryant Kirkland '35 Pastor
1993 Dr. Kenneth N. Hansen '41, LLD '66 Businessman

Dr. Richard B. Strom '44, MA '48 Missionary

Mrs. Donna Young Strom '46 Missionary
1992 Dr. Josh McDowell '62 Apologist, Author, Speaker

Dr. J. Frank Cassel '38 Scholar, Scientist, Communicator

Mr. Charles D. Holsinger '49, MA '53 Missionary

Mrs. Betty Hermansen Holsinger '49 Missionary
1991 Dr. Paul B. Long '50 Missionary, Professor

Dr. Abe C. Van Der Puy '41, DD '65 Missionary, Broadcaster, Author

Miss Lorraine Waite '53 Missionary Nurse
1990 Dr. John D. Frame BS '38, BA '38 Physician, Missionary

Dr. Orley R. Herron, Jr. '55 Educator, College President
1989 Dr. Donald Hoke '41, MA '44, DD '59 Missionary, Pastor

Mrs. Martha Cowan Hoke '45 Missionary

Dr. Torrey M. Johnson '30, DD '45 Minister, Evangelist

Rev. Dale Oxley '50, MA '51 Missionary

Mrs. Betty Swartz Oxley '47 Missionary

Dr. Robert G. Rayburn '35 Pastor, College and Seminary President
1988 Dr. Henry Wilbur Aulie '41 Missionary, Bible Translator

Mr. Robert D. Foster '43 Businessman

Dr. George Kollmar '38 Physician, Missionary
1987 Mr. Donald A. Kruse '52 United States Foreign Service Officer

Dr. Mildred L. Larson '47 Translator, Administrator

Mrs. Sarah J. Buller Mattson '37 Missionary

Dr. J. Stratton Shufelt '34 Song Leader, Gospel Soloist
1986 Rev. Henry W. Coray '26 Missionary, Pastor, Author

Dr. Harold Lindsell '38 Author, Editor, Professor

Dr. H. Wilburt Norton '36 College Administrator, Missionary
1985 Dr. Donald R. Johnson '48 Professor

Dr. Burt E. Long '40 Missionary

Mrs. Ruth Hollander Long '45 Missionary
1984 Dr. Robert A. Cook '34 College President, Author
1983 Mr. Robert C. Blaschke '49 Missionary

Mrs. Adrienne Andrews Leslie '56 Teacher

Dr. William H. Leslie '54, MDiv '61 Inner City Pastor
1982 Mr. Julius B. Poppinga '50 Attorney
1981 Dr. Richard C. Halverson '39, LLD '58 Pastor, Author, Counselor, Senate Chaplain

Dr. John F. Walvoord '31, DD '60 Seminary President, Author

Dr. Larry E. Ward '49 Relief Organization Founder, President
1980 Miss Gertrude E. Kellogg '44 Missionary, Translator

Dr. Roy W. Lowrie '52 Christian School Administrator, Executive
1979 Dr. Willard M. Aldrich '31 Bible College Founder and President
1978 Dr. Violet E. Bergquist '39 College Professor

Rev. Grover C. Willcox '44, BD '46 Inner-City Pastor
1977 Rev. David M. Howard '49, MA '52 Missionary, Missions Director

Dr. Kenneth N. Taylor '38, LLD '65 Author, Publisher
1976 Miss Ruth Hege '30 Missionary, Author, Speaker

Dr. O. Grant Whipple '34 Christian Camping, Youth Work
1975 Mr. Charles Hess '25 Missionary, Bible Translator
1974 Mrs. Dorothy Horton Galde '34 College Professor

Dr. and Mrs. John Elsen '42 Physician, Counselor
1973 Dr. Eleanor Soltau '38 Missionary, Physician, Administrator

Dr. Paul W. Gast '52 Scientist
1972 Dr. Donald E. McDowell '46 Surgeon, Missionary

Dr. Elois R. Field '45 Nurse, Teacher, Administrator
1971 Dr. Paul B. Stam '44 Industrial Research Executive
1970 Mr. Harold G. Mordh '48 Superintendent of Union Gospel
1969 Mr. Norris A. Aldeen '38 Corporation President
1968 Mr. and Mrs. Lyndon R. Hess '31 Missionaries
1967 Dr. David H. Paynter '44 Education Administrator
1966 Dr. Titus M. Johnson '28
Medical Missionary
1965 Dr. Samuel H. Moffett '38 Leader in the field of Christian Missions

Dr. Elizabeth Jaderquist Paddon '26 Leader in the field of Christian Missions
1964 Dr. Lawrence H. Andreson '35 Leader in Church, Youth, and Medical Work
1963 Mrs. Elizabeth Howard Elliot '48 Missionary, Author
1962 Dr. and Mrs. Howard F. Moffett '39 Medical Missionaries, Evangelists
1961 Dr. Carl F. H. Henry '38,
MA '41 LITTD '68
Theologian, Journalist
1960 Dr. Everett D. Sugarbaker '31 Physician, Author
1959 Dr. Paul E. Adolph '23 Physician, Missionary, Author
1958 Dr. Ruth Kraft Strohschien '27 Pediatrician
1957 Dr. Billy Graham '43 Evangelist
1956 Dr. Stephen W. Paine '30 College President
1954 Mr. Howell G. Evans '22 Business Executive
1955 Dr. J. Laurence Kulp '42 Scientist
1953 Dr. John R. Brobeck '36 Physician, Professor, Administrator

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