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Wheaton young alumni gathered for the Perry Parade, as Wheaton's beloved mastodon was moved to his home in the brand new science building.

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We10 - Young Alumni

What is We10?
We10 is a ten-year program for young alumni. Students who have earned at least two semesters of academic credit at Wheaton—mostly sophomores, juniors, and seniors, are considered alumni in residence. Alumni who have graduated within the past seven years are also included in this program. Both of these groups (’04-’14) make up our young alumni. We10 offers unique opportunities to:
  • Discover Wheaton's rich history
  • Pass on Wheaton traditions
  • Encourage class unity
  • Help build relationships between students and alumni
  • Establish a tradition of giving back to Wheaton
  • Keep young alumni engaged after graduation

Recent grads have a lot of changes in their lives which often include moving to a new place, looking for a job, starting a new job, getting married, social and career networking (but not necessarily in that order!) and so much more. Wheaton wants to help you through your transitions:

Wheaton in Network (WiN)
If you are a current student, be a WiNner and join Wheaton in Network. WiN is an online tool that facilitates connections within the Wheaton family for networking, advising, and mentoring purposes. Check out WiN.wheaton.edu for more info.  By the end of 2012, all alumni will also be able to search for advisors and mentors on WiN.

Jobs/Career Networking

Wheaton Connect—Wheaton's online community for alumni

  • Register—do this to activate your account.
  • Search the directory of over 44,000 alumni and connect with someone in your areas of interest.

Wheaton College Career Services—it’s not just for students, it’s for you as alumni too. Here are a few of the services available to you:

  • Job Postings—ThunderLink Jobs is the job posting site, which includes 10-15 new jobs per day.
  • Career Counseling—if you're in the area, make an appointment with one of our counselors.
  • Career Assessment Tests—various tools to help you gain insight from your personality, preferences, and skills.
  • Helpful Tips—articles on everything from how to negotiate your salary to job resignation dos and don'ts.

Staying Connected

Wheaton Club events—open to anyone, these events are a great way to meet alumni, parents, and other friends of Wheaton and maintain a connection with the College no matter where you live.

Applying for graduate school
Need a transcript? Request one here.

2011-2012 We10 Events

  • August 2011—Chicago Food Tour
  • January 2012—Blanchard Birthday Bash
  • February 2012—Tuition Freedom Day
  • February 2012—"Welcome to the Alumni Association" Party
  • March 2012—Wheaton in Network Launch
  • Spring Semester 2012—Senior Class Gift Drive
For all of the latest We10 news and programs check out the We10 Facebook page.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or are interested in planning an event for young alumni in your area, please contact us at  we10.alumni@wheaton.edu.



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