Externship Information for Students

Externship Program for Students

What is Externship Day?
An externship is a one-day job shadowing experience for students hosted by Wheaton College alumni.

Why should I apply for an externship?
By participating in an externship, students will gain:

  • Firsthand insight into a career/industry of interest
  • Exposure to day–to–day professional activities and responsibilities
  • Organic opportunities for informational interviewing and networking
  • Familiarity with the alumni community

Where does the externship take place?
The externship will be in the host’s place of work within the Chicagoland area.

When does the externship take place?
Tuesday, February 7, 2017. No academic classes are scheduled on this day because it is Faculty Development Day. The times of the externships will vary.

How do I apply for an externship?
To apply for the externship program you will need to submit an online application. Applications open on Monday, December 5 at 8am and close on Friday, January 6. Space is limited for this program. For the best chance of participating and securing one of your top choices, apply early!

Do I get to choose my externship?
You will have a chance to rank your top five choices in the online application. If accepted, we will do our best to honor your preferences, but we cannot guarantee that you are matched with one of your choices. Your best chance is to apply EARLY!

What will I do during my externship?
Each externship experience will be different, depending on the company, host, and location. The itinerary for the day will be determined by your host. Your day may include attending meetings, touring your host’s office, and conducting informational interviews.

Are there any costs associated with participating?
Lunch will generously be provided by the host of your externship. You will be responsible for any transportation costs to and from the externship.

For all other questions, please contact Laura Wilcox Tanaka in the Center for Vocation and Career at laura.tanaka@wheaton.edu.


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